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13 February 2010 @ 01:35 pm
MEME xD again~  
Questions by: yuriski 

1. You found someone holding hands walking in the park and they're YAMACHI. Reactions?

O_O FOR REAL? *starts rambling and choking my friend or whatever I have nearby* fhajshfiuwahnfxcnjsagdhsanjwihuafjYAMACHII >///////<

2. HSJ took a break and they went to your country for vacation. What will you do?

INVITE THEM! OwO but first find out where they're staying and then try to contact them >////////<

3. Your parents promised to give you anything you want during your birthday. What will it be?

A trip to Japan >////<

4. Not related to fandom but, what's your first impression about me??

The absolutely cutest fangirl I've ever met xD and greatly YamaChii-biased ^^

5. HSJ releasing an album. Reactions??? XD

*faints* *revives* *squeals* YATTA!!! *smiles like a mad* My predictions went right!!!