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Asobi ikou yo Chu Chu!

Taiyou dakishimete~

I'm practically new to LJ but I have found out that this is the best site if you want to share your interests! :D
So..wanna know what I think are interesting?

First off is my fandoms:

HEY! SAY! JUMP FTW <3 Best J-POP group ever! <3

CHINEN YUURI FTW <3 nothing to say, I love everything about him!

YAMADA RYOSUKE <3 can someone be more sexy than he is in his age?

YAMACHII <3 Nothing can deny the love between them.. *hugs*

Seriously, this guy is pure HOT.
Matsujun <3 (though I love Nino more)

HOWEVER! I like a lot of more bands; Super Junior, SHINee, Big Bang, TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki, A'ST1, ONE OK ROCK and more are also addictional.

Now you maybe know a bit more about me, so if you're interested..add me as your friend and we can talk!
I'm always open for new things! (Except TakaYama..)

I do accept requests since I can have a bit of writers block sometimes and I'll love if you request something! But sadly, I can't yet bare me to write smut, sorry!

I would really like to add you as friend, but as I still keep my journal open, please be sure that we have something in common and can talk, either over comments or IM.

That was all for me. I will edit this information later..I know it's lame.