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27 May 2010 @ 09:05 pm
What does the Naruto characters think of you? (detailed results, girls only) by Black_December
Your real name (your full name please).
The name you want in the Naruto world.
Eye colour.Light brown.
Hair colour.Pink.
Hair style.Long and sleek; it reaches to your mid-back. You usually put it up in braids or ponytail during training.
What's your specialities?Taijutsu and genjutsu.
Personality.You're a bit aloof, mysterious, has a humour that is similar to Ankos and you're a bit boyish too.
Naruto Uzumaki.I like the fact that she's training hard for becoming better. I'm glad that we are put on the same team now and then =^_^=
Sakura Haruno.She doesn't like Sasuke! I think that's good, cause she's a good shinobi and has a great personality as well.
Sasuke Uchiha.She's OK I guess....she's training hard to become better and she's nice with me. *small smile*
Chouji Akimichi.She's great! I'm glad she is on my team on some missions; she always encourages me to do my best.
Ino Yamanaka.She's got such a nice body, and she's a good ninja as well! Life isn't fair....
Shikamaru Nara.She's nice, and is always training hard....I better not tell her that I caught her in the bath once.
Kiba Inuzuka.Wohoo! She likes dogs, and is really nice with both me and Akamaru! She's a great friend, what buddy!? *Akamaru licks your face*
Hinata Hyuuga.I like her. She always tells me to do my best, and she's got a good personality.
Shino Aburame.I think she's a nice friend. She's training regularly to become better and is a good ninja.
Neji Hyuuga.I think she's really kind, but tough too.
Tenten.She's a nice friend of mine, and we're having a lot of fun together.
Rock Lee.She's a hard working girl and gives me advices when I need them! On the top of it, she agreed to be my training partner!!!
Iruka Umino.I have been on a mission with her a few times. She seems really funny and nice.
Kakashi Hatake.She's really funny....hey, where's my book!? Oh no, she took it again!!
Maito Gai.She's almost as hard working as Lee! I'm proud of being her sensei! *cries*
Kurenai Yuuhi.She's quite a ninja, and is kind and polite to both her senseis and colleagues.
Asuma Sarutobi.She's really smart and quick-minded...she might even be a better strategist than Shikamaru.
Jiraya.She has a nice personality....maybe I should write about her in my new edition of 'Icha Icha Paradise'.
Orochimaru.I think she's beautiful and is a good shinobi...should wish I 'owned' her.
Tsunade.She's a skilled kuinochi, and is really nice with her teammates! I think she's a great person.
Kabuto Yakushi.She was one of the few that found out my true identity during the Chuunin exams....and she kicked my ass during the pre-lims. Auch.
Why I do I feel like this kinda like Sakeru? O____O

What Do the Naruto Characters Think of You? (This Also Includes Your "Life" As a Naruto Character) by Guinevere
Star sign:
Your Name:Sheer Gullip
Naruto:I can't be bothered with her! I'm going to be the next Hokage!
Sasuke:I admit it, I like her. Happy?
Sakura:I think it's kind of weird how Kakashi-sensei talks so much about her all the time...
Kakashi:She's not important, though, she is quite the ninja...
Hinata:She quiet like I am, but a truly amazing person at heart when you get to know her.
Shino:I don't see what everyone sees in her, she's just like any other ordinary shinobi.
Kiba and Akamaru:She likes cats...
Kurenai:Her skills are astounding, I'm not surprised she's so respected around here...
Shikamaru:She called me pinapplehead...for that, I shall never forgive her...
Ino:I wish she'd shut up, she's louder than me!
Chouji:She thinks the Akamichi clan has a powerful skill! She's definitely my favorite now!
AsumaI wish I knew her better, but, now it's too late...
Lee:She's cruel, and so...unyouthful!
Neji:She's pretty- wait, did I just say that out loud?!
TenTen:Grrr...I think Neji likes her...
Gai:*Cries* (Really he's just sad because you ignore him everytime he attempts to talk to you)
Gaara:I...I can't say anything.
Temari:I learned some of my best moves from her that she taught me willingly, I owe almost everything to her!
Kankuro:She's so...pretty...
Jaraiya:Ow...my head...she packs a punch. And I seem to be favored as her favorite punching bag...so cruel, so cruel...
Tsunade:One of my dearest and closest friends.
Shizune:Grr...She's so much better than me...must..restraint...rage...GRRR!
Orochimaru:I have no need for her, but mabe as a slave someday when I rule the world she'd come in handy.
Kabuto:I'm jealous because she's a better medical nin than me...
Who Secretly Loves You The Most:
What You Look Like:
I feel that this is going to my next RPC .......